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Snowmobile Rules & Regulations - Trails

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Snowmobile Rules & Regulations - Trails

Definitions (31-2-401)

(a) (i) "Commercial Snowmobile" means a snowmobile operated as a non-guided rental snowmobile or a snowmobile leased, rented or operated by a commercial snowmobile outfitter;
(a) (ii) "Snowmobile" means any mechanically driven vehicle of a type which utilizes sled type runners, or skis, or any endless belt tread or combination of these, designed primarily for operation over snow.

Annual Snowmobile Registration and Snowmobile User Fees (31-2-403, 404 and 409)

The owner of a snowmobile which will be operated within the state of Wyoming shall pay one of the following fees:

  • Commercial Snowmobile Registration Fee: $105.00
  • Resident, Private Use Snowmobile Registration/User Fee: $35.00
  • Non-Resident Snowmobile User Fee: $35.00

User Fee permits are available at over 180 selling agent locations throughout the state.

Expiration Date of Registration and User Fee Decals (31-2-407)

Registration and User Fee decals shall be valid from July 1 of the year designated until June 30 of the following year. The decals issued during any registration year are authorized and legalized until and including the first day of August of the next succeeding registration year.

Display of Registration and User Fee Decals (31-2-405 and 409)

Registration and User Fee decals must be prominently displayed on the exterior of the snowmobile. The state of Wyoming issues only one decal and it should be displayed on the left side of the hood cowling.

Operation of snowmobiles on highways(31-5-801)

  • Snowmobiles may be operated upon the highways of Wyoming subject to the following conditions:
    • Snowmobiles may be operated within the right-of-way but not on the main traveled roadway except as provided hereafter;
    • Crossings of main-traveled roadways shall be made at right angles to the roadway or as nearly so as practicable, but in any case yielding the right-of-way to all traffic in the main-traveled roadway;
    • Snowmobiles may be operated on the highways within the cities and towns pursuant to ordinance;
    • Snowmobiles may be operated on the main-traveled roadway when the highway is closed to wheeled vehicular traffic or subject to approval of the state highway department, upon a designated and posted portion of a state roadway within the boundaries of a national park;
    • If allowed by the county commissiones, snowmobiles may be operated on a designated and posted portion of a county roadway.


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