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About Our Site - Granger Stage Station

Granger Stage Station State Historic Site is located in the town of Granger, WY. It was built as a stage station along the Overland Trail in the 1850s. Fort Bridger State Historic Site oversees, maintains, and interprets the Stage Station. Many trails came through Granger including the Oregon Trail, California Trail, Mormon Pioneer Trail, Pony Express Trail, Overland Trail, and the northern route of the Cherokee Trail.

Granger Stage Station is located in southwest Wyoming approximately five miles off I-80 (exit 66). The site includes the station building, two interpretive signs, and a monument to the Overland and Pony Express trails.

A Little Known Piece of Trail History

March 28, 2017

Have you ever wondered about the Overland Trail or been fascinated by the Pony Express? Stop by the Granger Stage Station and walk where these trails passed through.

You will discover who owned the stagecoach lines in the west and what company manufactured the stagecoaches. You will also discover where the trails ran and the difference between home stations and swing stations.

While you are there, imagine what it would have been like to travel in a stagecoach and arrive at this station. Or, imagine a pony express rider galloping up to the station and another taking off immediately once the mail had been transferred.


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More Information - Granger Stage Station

Granger was one of dozens of stage stations on the Overland Trail built in the 1850s. The original station, Ham's Fork, was a dugout affair built around 1850. It was replaced by a stone structure in 1856 and renamed South Bend Station. Horace Greeley and Mark Twain were just two of the thousands of passengers who passed through.


Later, the Pony Express used the station as a stopover in 1861-1862. When Union Pacific Railroad construction arrived in 1868, the old stage station was overrun with workers who renamed the site Granger.

For more information about Granger Stage Station State Historic Site please visit or call Fort Bridger State Historic Site at 307-782-3842.



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