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About Our Site - Buffalo Bill State Park


The history of Buffalo Bill Reservoir and “Cody Country” is rooted in the rich lore of the old West. Buffalo Bill State Park was named for Colonel William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, famous as a wild west showman, promoter and developer. He first came to the region in the 1870s as a guide for a survey expedition and spent the next 20 years guiding and sponsoring hunting parties in the area.

“Buffalo Bill” Cody was influential in bringing irrigation and agricultural development into the area and founded the town in 1896 that bears his name. Some of the land now occupied by Buffalo Bill State Park was originally owned by Colonel Cody and was acquired from him by the federal government to implement the reservoir project.


Work began on the dam in 1905. When completed in 1910, it was the highest dam in the world at 325 feet. Buffalo Bill State Park was established in 1957 and provided recreational areas and facilities along the original shoreline. In 1993, an eight-year project was completed that raised the crest of the dam 25 feet and increased the reservoir storage capacity. The enlarged reservoir inundated the former recreation areas and required removal of the old park facilities. Buffalo Bill State Park has been redeveloped as part of that project.

Wyoming State Parks withdraws plan for40 temporary campsites near Bartlett Lane at Buffalo Bill State Park

August 10, 2021


Wyoming State Parks withdraws plan for 40 temporary campsites near Bartlett Lane at Buffalo Bill State Park

An informational meeting was held last night to hear from local residents regarding 40 temporary campsites near Bartlett Lane at Buffalo Bill State Park. 

"After considering an abundance of public concerns we decided to scratch the temporary campsites near Bartlett Lane", said Brooks Jordan, Wyoming State Parks District Manager.  "Capacity and overcrowding will still be an issue at Buffalo Bill State Park, however we believe we can address these issues by offering temporary campsites at the North Fork Campground and near the South Shore boat ramp."

Buffalo Bill State Park will kick off a formal master planning process this fall or early winter, which will help guide the future use and development of the park.  Considerable public input and stakeholder engagement will be part of the master planning process. 

"The future Buffalo Bill State Park master plan will be critical to balancing the needs of our visitors, the local community, and growing the local economy and tourism product", said Dave Glenn, Wyoming State Parks Deputy Director. “We look forward to working with all constituents, and local community leaders to create, and implement a plan we can all be proud of.”

Information about the master plan process and how to participate will be available in the coming months.  For more information, contact Wyoming State Parks District Manager Brooks Jordan at 307-431-9921.


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Camping in Wyoming State Parks now open to ALL visitors. Social distancing guidelines in place. 




May 1 - September 30:

Everything Open - Water and Showers weather dependent in May and September. Office hours 7am-7pm, Park open 24 hours a day to visitors; these hours vary as well due to seasonal employee personnel availability.

October - April: 

North Fork Campground Closed; Sheep Mountain Day Use Area Closed; Rest of park open to camping and day use, ALL water systems turned off for the winter season.



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