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Snowmobile Permits & Fees - Trails

Purchasing a Snowmobile Permit

 NOTE: Effective January 2024, ORV and Snowmobile permits will only be available at statewide selling agents.  They are no longer available online or by phone. 

Permits are available at designated selling agents across Wyoming. See below map or list of designated selling agents by city.  For more information or assistance, please contact the Trails Program at 307-335-8229.


Wyoming law requires that all snowmobiles must have either a current Wyoming Resident or Nonresident user fee decal prominently displayed on the outside of each snowmobile. Each permit is $35 dollars and may be purchased at one of the several Permit Selling Agents located throughout the state. Additionally, all commercial snowmobile operated in the State of Wyoming must have a commercial permit, which is $105. Commercial permits must be purchased through our Cheyenne office.


Permit Selling Agents

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