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Wyoming State Reserve Park Rangers are volunteer park rangers. They perform park law enforcement and other essential duties in parks, historic sites and trails. A reserve park ranger requirements and duties vary significantly, depending on the venue and location of their service.

Reserve park rangers must have completed a basic law enforcement academy and pass background checks before being hired. They also maintain the same training requirements as regular park rangers. Reserve park rangers are required to work a minimum of 40 hours per year.

The primary mission of the Wyoming State Reserve Park Ranger program is to supplement the regular park ranger program and serve park visitors. They work to cover park patrols, help with special events, work special assignments and participate in community events, work parades and other large events. Some reserve park rangers serve on the mounted patrol unit.

Sometimes, a reserve park ranger is a retired officer who wants to give back to the community on a part-time basis. Other times, people who are thinking of a career in park law enforcement use this as an opportunity to find out whether they are suited to the job. This way, they don’t have to invest as much training and educational time to a career they aren’t sure about. They do, however, have to participate in required training in preparation to perform their duties as a reserve park ranger.

The duties of a reserve park ranger vary according to the assignment. If fully authorized to perform regular park ranger’s duties, they have the following responsibilities:

  • Provide public assistance and encourage good relationships between the public and Wyoming State Parks.
  • Provide public safety on park lands.
  • Assist with special events, parades, community outreach, and other special assignments.
  • Attend required training and meetings.
  • Respond to incidents in parks, medical emergencies, crime scenes, suspicious activities, altercations and requests for law enforcement assistance.
  • Administer first aid to injured persons.
  • Perform interviews and takes written statements from crime victims, witnesses and suspects.
  • Prepare and submit written reports regarding all of the above.
  • Apprehend suspects and perform arrests and transportation to the required detention facility. Detaining suspects can involve car chases, pursuing suspects on foot and using physical force to subdue suspects, if necessary.
  • Enforce park rules and regulations, traffic laws, issues citations, direct traffic and assist park visitors.

If you are interested in becoming or have questions about the reserve park ranger program please contact us at (307)214-9818 for more information.



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