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Snowmobile Etiquette - Trails

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Snowmobile Etiquette - Trails

Released in October of 1997, Savafilm Film makers, residing in Jackson Hole, released a snowmobile safety video titled "Rules of the Snow." This film came about due to the increasing concern about snowmobile safety in Wyoming as well as across the United States and Canada. Initiation of the project started in December of 1995 with the filming taking place over 11 days in March of 1996, mainly in the greater Yellowstone area. The film is produced by Sava Malachowski, written and directed by Valarie Schramm, and photographed by Sava Malachowski and Tom Christian, narration is provided by the late Bill Townsend, W.S.S.A. Past President and professional snowmobile guide.

Trail Etiquette - Observing trail etiquette is a necessity, particularly when trails are heavily used and non-snowmobiles may be present on the trail. Use proper hand signals when turning or changing directions or speed. Stay a safe distance behind the snowmobile ahead of you. When making a turn, remember that a blind corner and the noise of the machine may prevent you from hearing another machine coming toward you. Approach all turns carefully.

Always stay to the right on trails. Slow down, or pull off the trail if necessary when encountering skiers, snowshoers, dog sleds are other trail users. They all enjoy the outdoors like you. Set a good example and be a respectful trail user.

Take care of the trail - A safe rider enjoys the outdoors. They treat their surroundings with respect. They wait for enough snow cover to protect vegetation. They avoid running over trees and shrubs. They appreciate, but don’t disturb, animals and other outdoor users. They respect wilderness boundaries and winter wildlife areas. Be a respectful trail user!

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