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River Crossing below Glendo Dam Temporarily Closed

Camping is Not Affected


Wyoming State Parks, in coordination with the Bureau of Reclamation, is announcing the temporary closure of the river crossing below Glendo dam for the safety of the visiting public.

The crossing will be closed until further notice. The affected attractions in the area of the closure are the North Platte River Boat ramp below the dam in the wetlands area, and the 91Gigawatt Trail.

Use of the reservoir and the campsites around the reservoir are not affected by this closure. This will only affect those that are planning to access the river below Glendo Reservoir.

Access to the boat ramp area below the dam, for those who are adventurous, will be by the walking bridge over the North Platte River just upstream from the closure. Take the Wetland Trail upstream to the bridge, junction post 54, then Raptor Trail back downstream. Access to the southern trails for hikers and bikers will be by the same route or by the even more adventurous, Feather Rim Trail.

Trail maps for Glendo State Park are available at the park or can be downloaded from the Glendo State Park website at: https://wyoparks.wyo.gov/index.php/maps-glendo.

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