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June 29, 2021

Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site and Fort Phil Kearny / Bozeman Trail Association will host “Conversation and Book Signing” with Jerry Enzler, author of “Jim Bridger: Trailblazer of the American West”.

This free public event will be held on Monday, July 12th at 6 pm at Kearney Hall,4444 Highway 87, Banner, WY.

The author's presentation will focus on Bridger’s time serving as a guide for the Bozeman Trail. Conversation and discussion with the author are welcome during this event.

According to Wyoming native and author Candy Moulton, Enzler’s book is a go-to source for information on Jim Bridger.

“Jim Bridger's story is as big as the West he called his home, and now we have a biography that captures all the nooks and crannies, nuances and tales of Bridger,” Moulton said. “Just as Bridger left no area unexplored, biographer Jerry Enzler has left no stone unturned in writing Bridger’s life story. Following the iconic frontiersman’s archival trail from his 1804 birth in Virginia to his 1881 death in Missouri, Enzler delivers a comprehensive account in ‘Jim Bridger: Trailblazer of the American West.’”

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