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About Our Site - Hot Springs State Park

Over colorful terraces along the Big Horn River at Thermopolis flows water from mineral hot springs. More than 1.8 million gallons flow over the terrace every 24 hours at a constant temperature of 128 degrees Fahrenheit. The park has a free bath house where the water is maintained at 104 degrees for therapeutic bathing. Hot Springs has 6.2 miles of universally accessible trails and hiking trails. It is a full-service park with comfort stations, a volksmarch trail, fishing, and a boat ramp. One of the reservable group picnic shelters is located here. Hot Springs is a day-use park.


The Hot Springs State Park bison herd is the central herd for the Wyoming State Parks. During the late fall and winter months, the park bison are fed a daily supplement to insure good health. This feeding usually occurs at 8:30 a.m., giving the off-season visitor the unique opportunity to view the "Monarch of the Plains," up close. Please remember that bison should be viewed ONLY while you remain in your vehicle.


The suspension foot bridge across the Bighorn River is commonly called "The Swinging Bridge." The bridge offers a unique vantage point from which to view the Bighorn River and mineral terrace. Hot Springs State Park has long been known for its beautiful summer flower gardens. Make a point to bring your camera with you and capture the exciting splash of color all summer long.

There are three large group picnic shelters in the park available by reservation. These are very popular and heavily used. Contact park headquarters as soon as you can to reserve a shelter for your event and also, inquire if your group needs a park liquor permit.

Upcoming Changes for Hot Springs State Park: Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Press Release 4/22/24

Wyoming State Parks has announced the selection of Wyoming Hot Springs LLC as their partner for the future growth and development of concessions at Hot Springs State Park.  “This marks the conclusion of our thorough and public RFP process, and reaffirms our commitment to the values expressed by the community in the Hot Springs State Park master plan,” said Big Horn District Manager, Brooks Jordan.  The company currently operates family-oriented hot springs resorts in three locations across Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

“This partnership offers an opportunity to create the best visitor experience in Wyoming, and to have a tremendous economic impact in the community and across the region,” said Nick Neylon, Wyoming State Parks Deputy Director.

Visitors to the park will see upgrades to the TePee Pools facilities, including the proposed future full reconstruction to transform the facility into a new spa and wellness center, featuring more adult-oriented, quiet, relaxing experiences, focused on the healing properties of the waters.  The Star Plunge and Hot Springs Hotel will continue to operate under existing management through the conclusion of their current contracts. At that time, Wyoming Hot Springs LLC will begin remodeling or reconstruction of both facilities.  These upgrades will include the addition of enough meeting space to host conventions that typically visit other parts of the state.

Hot Springs County Board of Commissioners Chairman Thomas J. Ryan said, “We believe that this project, when completed, will enhance the core business area of Thermopolis and Hot Springs County, existing area tourist attractions, and have a beneficial effect on the economy of the State of Wyoming as a whole”.

Wyoming Hot Springs LLC's primary representative, Mark Begich, is a long-time business owner specializing in business development, travel, and tourism across several Western states and Alaska.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will these changes affect Thermopolis?
It is the goal of State Parks that proposed changes to the park will have positive impacts throughout the community.

Why do the pools need upgrades?
Both pools have significant repair, maintenance, and safety issues that need to be addressed, and it is the responsibility of State Parks to ensure that happens.  

Will prices go up? 
Prices for some services may go up in the future.  However, State Parks will work closely with any new concessionaire to ensure appropriate and fair prices, including potential discounted rates for residents.  Additionally, the State Bath House is now and will always be free to the public for daily use.

Did Wyo Parks seek input from the public before making these changes?
Changes planned for Hot Springs State Park are guided by the park’s master plan, which was developed in 2016 with extensive public input.

Will the Star Plunge be shut down?
Upon successful negotiations with a new concessionaire, a new concession will open at the location of the current Star Plunge. During this transition, there may be brief periods that the facility is closed during construction, but work will be planned to minimize impacts, and to keep the other two pool facilities (TePee and State Bath House) open during that time.  

What is the timeline for renovations and new construction?
State Parks is negotiating with the successful proposer.  What happens and when, will be largely determined by those negotiations.

Why does State Parks plan to replace the current managers of the Star Plunge and the Hot Springs Hotel and Spa?  
The current management agreement for the Star Plunge expires at the end of this year. The current management agreement for the Hot Springs Hotel and Spa expires in October 2026. 

Pursuant to W.S. 36-4-110(b) and State Park’s rules, the agency is required to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for any new long-term concession agreement.  In 2023, the agency issued an RFP for constructing, operating, and managing new or substantially improved lodging and aquatic facilities within Hot Springs State Park including the option to propose significant redevelopment at the current Star Plunge and Hot Springs Hotel and Spa sites.  

The RFP was open to the public, and anyone (including any existing managers) had the opportunity to submit proposals.  Although the current manager of the Star Plunge submitted a proposal, it did not score highest among the three proposals received. 

What company was chosen in the RFP process?  
The company chosen was Wyoming Hot Springs LLC.

Who has been responsible for paying property taxes, and why should a business have to pay property taxes on something it does not own?
The lease and management agreements signed by the manager of the Star Plunge clearly state, and have always stated, that the manager is responsible for any taxes due, regardless of ownership.

Who is getting the $3,000,000 set aside by the legislature to improve the park?
As noted in the public RFP, $3,000,000 will be used to improve park infrastructure as needed.  This may include roads, sidewalks, water/sewer/electrical service, etc.  The money will not be given directly to any park concessionaire.

Why not just pay the “owners” of the Star Plunge?  
As stated previously, the agreements signed by Star Plunge management over the past decades, all make it very clear that they are not due compensation at the conclusion of the lease or management agreement.  Concessionaires or managers are “compensated” through the operation of the facility over the term of the agreement.  The manager of the Star Plunge paid the State $200 per year from 1958-1989, then 1% of its gross revenue (ranging from $3,000-$8,000) until 2021, when it started paying $1,000 per month. These low rates allowed the manager to retain most of its annual profits.  

Won’t a lawsuit cost the state more than a settlement?
We cannot comment on litigation that does not exist.

Why did the State choose an out-of-state resident to run concessions in the park?
The State conducted an open, public, and transparent RFP process.  The only considerations were the best interests of the State and its residents.  The location of any proposer’s residence was not, and could not be considered.

Has the State Parks Director reviewed the protests filed by the Star Plunge management?
The Director is aware of the protests, but there is no bid protest process for this RFP.

Will improvements made at the park negatively affect local businesses, and specifically, will park improvements affect a fitness center that was recently built in Thermopolis?
Any new developments will positively impact the local economy and many businesses in the region. We anticipate that any new hotel would only feature the type of small and very limited workout room found at virtually every hotel, and we have no plans to allow anything that would compete with the existing fitness center.





Site Status


Hot Springs State Park is a day-use park with no overnight camping. Picnic shelters, bath house, and the grounds are open.




Bath house:  

  • Mon. - Sat. 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Sun. 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


  • 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.


  • Open year-round
  • Bath House closed Thanksgiving & Christmas Day



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