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Recreation at Keyhole State Park is expected to remain close to normal despite current high water levels that have affected the Wind Creek and Pat’s Point campgrounds.

Currently, 13 camp sites at Wind Creek Campground and five at Pat’s Point are not accessible and two camp sites in Pat's Point are not usable. However, approximately 160 remaining camp sites on the park are still useable. In addition to high water levels, the reservoir is also still frozen over.  

 In addition to high water levels, the reservoir is also still frozen over. 

According to information provided by the Bureau of Reclamation, current reservoir elevation is at 4,101.67 with inflows at approximately 1,300 cubic feet per second due to snowmelt upstream of the reservoir.

The National keyhole-flooding-3-28-2019Weather Service forecast is for a chance of rain/snow showers this Thursday and Friday (0.2 inches precip).  The daytime temperatures will be in the 40s thru the weekend with overnight temperatures below freezing.  Snowmelt is expected to continue and contribute to inflows, so the reservoir elevation and releases are expected to rise over the next couple days. 

Keyhole will increase the release out of the outlet works today to approx. 315 cfs, along with approx. 220 cfs out of the spillway for a total release of approx. 535 cfs.  The Bureau of Reclamation has coordinated with the Corp of Engineers, and continues to increase releases through the outlet works as flood waters on the Belle Fourche River subside.

For more information, contact Wyo Parks Headquarters at 307-777-6323.

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