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March 28, 2017

When you visit the Piedmont Charcoal Kilns you are standing on the edge of the Ghost Town of Piedmont. Piedmont used to be a railroad town with homes, hotels, shops, saloons, post office, and a school. The Piedmont Charcoal Kilns were used to turn wood from the Uinta Mountains into charcoal to be shipped by train usually to Utah. The smell of charcoal is still noticeable when you walk into the kilns.



Did you know that the Golden Spike ceremony was delayed three days because of an event that took place in Piedmont? While there you will also discover how the town of Piedmont was founded, got its name, and became the ghost town of today. You will learn the process of turning wood into charcoal, and discover that Butch Cassidy and Calamity Jane spent some time in Piedmont.


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