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RV Hookups (Electric/Water) - KEYHOLE

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RV Hookups (Electric/Water) - KEYHOLE


Keyhole State Park has 1 campground (Tatanka Campground) which has electric and water hookups.

More information:

  • The Tatanka Campground has 32 hookup sites, however, there are an additional 10 sites available through the Keyhole Marina.
  • There is a dump station located at the entrance to the park.



The Tatanka Campground is the only campground at Keyhole that has hookups.

  • Electric hookups are available year-round.
  • The water hookups are seasonal, and only available when the frost is out of the ground.
  • Please check the park's site status for updates on closures. 

In addition to the visitors daily use and camping fees, there is a charge of $5 per night.

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Site Status


Boysen, Glendo, Gowdy & Keyhole
HCB Warning

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Fire Restrictions at Keyhole State Park

In accordance with restrictions instituted by the Crook County Commission, open fires are restricted at Keyhole State Parks beginning July 22, 2022.

Despite these fire restrictions, an enjoyable camping experience is still possible. Propane grills/stoves can still be used to prepare popular camping dishes. These grills must have covers/lids and be within an arm’s length when lit. Charcoal grills and stoves are not permitted. A variety of other imaginative ideas can help preserve the camping experience such as solar lights in the firepit.

However, as always, the possession of fireworks is prohibited in all Wyoming State Parks.

  • Docks and water systems are typically available annually from April 15th - November 1st (weather permitting)
  • RV dump station will remain open until November 1st (weather permitting)
  • Due to the hot, dry conditions we have been experiencing, the four remote sites are closed to use until further notice.
  • Wind Creek is closed until 7-29-2022 for road maintenance.
  • Homestead camping sites 2-13 are again available on the reservation system.


  • Our site is up and running year-round.
  • Our fee booths are open May thru October. When the booths are closed please use the fee canisters located at each entrance to pay fees.
  • Our office hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday.



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 Keyhole State Park
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