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Boat Dock/Ramp - KEYHOLE

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Boat Dock/Ramp - KEYHOLE


There are a total of 5 boat ramps at Keyhole State Park, four of which have docks. Additional information on current boat ramp levels is located HERE. 

More information:

  • The boat ramp docks' purpose is solely to assist with the launching and retrieval of boats.
  • Fishing from the boat ramp docks is prohibited.


  • There are boat ramps with docks located at the Wind Creek Campground, Coulter Bay Area, Pat’s Point Campground and at the Marina.
  • There is a boat ramp located in the Tatanka Campground, but it does not have a dock.
  • These ramps are seasonal.
  • They are open for use for boats as long as there is no ice on the lake.
  • Once ice forms over the lake, and the ice is thick enough, the ramps are open to ice fishermen for access to the lake surface.
  • The docks are pulled up out of the way in the winter to make lake access easier for ice fishermen and to prevent damage to the docks.
  • You must pay the daily use fee to access the park.
  • There is no additional fee to use the boat ramp or dock.

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Site Status


Keyhole, Glendo watercraft will be inspected before launching.
Expect delays; limited boat ramps, hours at both locations

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  • Docks and water systems are typically available annually from April 15th - November 1st (weather permitting)
  • RV dump station will remain open until November 1st (weather permitting)
  • Due to the hot, dry conditions we have been experiencing, the four remote sites are closed to use until further notice.


  • Our site is up and running year-round.
  • Our fee booths are open May thru October. When the booths are closed please use the fee canisters or automated fee machines located at each entrance to pay fees.



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