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Welcome to Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites, & Trails

Finding your perfect vacation spot has never been easier!

Mountain bikes, boats and fishing poles are really just toys for grown-ups; so go be a kid again. After all, we've got plenty of trails for getting mud on those tires, including those in Guernsey, Buffalo Bill and Curt Gowdy State Parks.

If making a splash is more your style, we've got space for water sports and fishing at our many reservoirs . Once you're done playing, soak those bones in the therapeutic mineral water at Hot Springs State Park. 

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State Parks

Wyoming has 12 state parks.
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State Historic Sites

Wyoming has 28 state historic sites.
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Wyoming Trails Program

Wyoming has over 640 miles of ORV trails and 2,585 snowmobile trails managed by a variety of agencies.
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"I have the distinction of being one of a handful of people who has been to every Wyoming State Park and Historic site. Maybe the only one who has done it during one month! These are among the best kept secrets in the United States." -- Alan O'Hashi (Facebook Review)

News & Updates

Wyoming Department of Health Issues New Harmful Cyanobacterial Bloom (HCB) Recreational Use Advisories



Wyoming Department of Health Issues New Harmful Cyanobacterial Bloom (HCB) Recreational Use Advisories

The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) has issued a harmful cyanobacterial bloom (HCB) recreational use Bloom Advisory for Brooks Lake, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Glendo Reservoir, Rainbow Lake, Sloan Lake, Upper Brooks Lake, and Upper Jade Lake based on data provided by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The WDH is working directly with resource management agencies to ensure that signs are posted at all waterbodies with advisories. Additional details regarding advisory status, including changes to the type of advisory, and other HCB resources can be found at WyoHCBs.org

The WDH issues recreational use advisories when cyanobacterial cell densities or cyanotoxin concentrations pose a risk to people engaging in swimming or similar water contact activities in areas where cyanobacterial blooms occur. HCBs may also pose a health risk to animals. Bloom Advisories are issued when a HCB is present and toxins may be present. Toxin Advisories are issued when cyanotoxins exceed recreational thresholds. Waterbodies under an advisory are not closed since HCBs may only be present in certain areas and conditions can change frequently. Advisories will remain in place until blooms have fully dissipated and cyanotoxin concentrations are below recreational use thresholds identified in Wyoming's HCB Action Plan.

If you encounter a potential HCB, the Wyoming Department of Health and the Wyoming Livestock Board recommend the following:

  • Avoid contact with water in the vicinity of the bloom, especially in areas where cyanobacteria are dense and form scums.
  • Do not ingest water from the bloom. Boiling, filtration and/or other treatments will not remove toxins.
  • Rinse fish with clean water and eat only the fillet portion.
  • Avoid water spray from the bloom.
  • Do not allow pets or livestock to drink water near the bloom, eat bloom material, or lick fur after contact.
  • If people, pets, or livestock come into contact with a bloom, rinse off with clean water as soon as possible and contact a doctor or veterinarian.

Questions about health effects and recreational use advisories can be directed to Courtney Tillman, Surveillance Epidemiologist, Wyoming Department of Health, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (307) 777-5522. Questions regarding cyanobacteria sampling can be directed to Kelsee Hurshman, Natural Resource Analyst, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (307) 777-2073.

Current HCB Recreational Use Advisories*

Waterbody Name Observation or Sampling Location(s)    Advisory Type   Date Issued
Big Sandy Reservoir East Dam Bloom 07/14/2022
Boysen Reservoir Lake Side Ramp, Brannon Ramp Bloom 07/21/2022
Brooks Lake Boat Ramp Bloom 08/04/2022
Diamond Lake Northwest Access Bloom 07/28/2022
Eden Reservoir South Outlet Bloom 07/14/2022
Flaming Gorge Reservoir Firehole Canyon, Buckboard Ramp Bloom 08/04/2022
Gillette Fishing Lake South Shore Bloom 06/08/2022
Glendo Reservoir Sandy Beach Dune Campground Bloom 07/26/2022
Goshen Hole Reservoir Northwest Ramp Toxin 07/28/2022
West Granite Springs Reservoir West Causeway Bloom 07/28/2022
Keyhole Reservoir Rocky Point Bloom 07/28/2022
Leazenby Lake South Access Bloom 07/20/2022
Miller Lake Northwest Shore Bloom 08/01/2022
Rainbow Lake Southeast Shore Bloom 08/04/2022
Saratoga Lake East Beach Bloom 07/28/2022
Sloan Lake South Beach Bloom 08/04/2022
Toltec Reservoir West Ramp Bloom 07/20/2022
Upper Brooks Lake East Shore Bloom 08/04/2022
Upper Jade Lake South Shore Bloom 08/04/2022
Wheatland Reservoir Number 3 Northwest Ramp Bloom  07/28/2022
Woodruff Narrows Reservoir North Ramp Bloom 07/20/2022

Public Invited to Buffalo Bill State Park Shop for a Bird Nesting Box Workshop


Interested in learning basic carpentry skills while benefiting Buffalo Bill State Park and its bluebird and owl population?

The public is invited to the Buffalo Bill State Park shop for a bird nesting box workshop August 16 from 9 a.m. until noon. The boxes will be placed at various locations in the park at a later date and benefit birds such as Bluebirds and Owls. Come help build these fun boxes for the park’s birds.

The Buffalo Bill State Park shop is located at 49 Lakeside Road near Cody, 11 miles up North Fork on US 14-16-20.

Please RSVP by calling park headquarters at 307-587-9227.

Buffalo Bill State Park celebrates Great Dam Day August 20


Come celebrate the 28th Anniversary of the Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center during Great Dam Day, August 20, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center along with Buffalo Bill State Park host this year’s event at the Visitor Center located six miles west of Cody on HWY 14/16/20.

In addition to the events planned, there will be different interpretive learning stations located below the visitor center on the old road to Yellowstone below the dam.

Through cooperation with the Bureau of Reclamation, the old dam road is open next to the visitor center one time during the year, allowing the public to walk or ride bicycle to take in the views from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Rides back to the center will be available. 

Fat Racks BBQ will have food available for purchase at the visitor center lot. Also, the Bureau of Land Management will have activities for kids to participate in.

Buffalo Bill Dam was completed in 1910 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Buffalo Bill Dam was the tallest dam in the world upon completion. Construction began in 1904 and work was dangerous, difficult and tedious.

The completed water storage supplies four irrigation districts encompassing over 93,000 acres of farmland.

Youth and adults alike will find the views and history fascinating. Staff and volunteers will be on-site to answer questions and provide assistance.

The event is open and free to the public. For any questions, please contact the Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center General Manager Leslie Slater Wilson, at (307) 527-6076.

Wyoming State Parks & Historic sites offer over 40 different Activities & Amenities. Including: fishing, camping, biking, boating...
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