Reservation System Issues:
Some Annual Permits not Working for Reservation Discounts

Some customers are experiencing problems with the use of annual permits for their reservations.  Reserve America is working to resolve the issue.  In the meantime, if you encounter issues, here are some options for you:

  • Customers using the 'RA Camping' app or the website '' are having the most issues.  Please try using the Wyoming reservation site at
  • Contact Consumer Support: Short wait times and they can help you make a reservation.
  • Make Reservation/Request Refund: If you don't want to wait and would rather reserve a spot now, you can call Consumer Support for a refund of any overcharges.

Consumer Support Hotline: 866-876-6732 


For Information on Off Road Vehicle (ORV) and Snowmobile Permits (click here)


2022 Wyo Parks Fee Schedule

Wyoming Resident Fees

Day Use:
    - Parks                              $7 per day, per vehicle
    - Historic Sites                 $4 per day, per adult

Camping:                              varies by site, see "Camping Fees" chart below for details          

Annual Permits:
    - 1st Vehicle                      $48 Day Use*/ $89.60 Camping
    - Additional Vehicle          $24 Day Use/ $44.80 Camping
*EARLY BIRD SALE: Jan 1—Feb 15, daily use permits are discounted to $42 

Non-Resident Fees

Day Use:
    - Parks                              $12 per day, per vehicle
    - Historic Sites                 $8 per day, per adult

Camping:                             varies by site, see "Camping Fees" chart below for details

Annual Permits:
    - 1st Vehicle                      $96 Day Use  (Discounted to $89 Jan 1—Feb 15)
    - Additional Vehicle         $48 Day Use

Camping Fees: by Park/Site (Includes Day Use & Taxes)
Rates are subject to change based on local and state sales and lodging tax rates.  The base rate for camping is $10 for residents and $18 for non-residents.  Fees for camping are calculated as follows: base camping fee + day use fee + sales & lodging tax.  For more information on current tax rates, please refer to the Wyoming Department of Revenue at: or (307) 777-5200.


Sites with Special Fees:

Quebec-01 Missile Alert Facility State Historic Site
       11 and under = free!, youth (aged 12-17) = $4, adults = $8, military = $7

Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site
      11 and under = free!, youth (aged 12-17) = $4.50, adults = $9

Additional Fees:

Electric Site Fee:                                       $10 per night
Guided Bus Tours:                                     $5 per adult (kids free)

Bus Tour Group Tent Camping:                $10/per tent, per night
Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Decal:               $15 ($2 duplicate)
Snowmobile Decal:                                   $35 ($17.50 duplicate)


Rental Facilities:
Our parks and sites feature a wide variety of rentals including cabins, yurts, tiny homes, wall tents, a treehouse, day shelters, amphitheater, wedding/party venues, and more! For more information, including types of facilities and rental fees, please visit our page for Rentals.  

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How to Purchase Annual Daily Use and Camping Permits
Wyo Parks is moving to a new and improved system for annual permit sales!  Permits can be purchased through Reserve America online or by phone at  877-996-7275.  They are also available at parks and selling agents around the state.  A list of selling agents can be viewed here.  

List of Permit Sales Locations

Introduction of Sales and Lodging Taxes
In order to comply with recent legislation, Wyo Parks will begin collecting sales and lodging tax (according to the rates for each county) on camping fees, reservation fees, and all overnight facility rentals (i.e. cabins, yurts, etc.).  Annual camping permits will also be taxed, at a standard 12% rate for 2022.  Sales and lodging taxes help fund state and county government operating
budgets as well as tourism efforts statewide.  
For more information, please refer to the PDF handout below.

Lifetime Veteran’s Permit

The Lifetime Veteran's Permit allows free day use and camping for life and is available to any Wyoming resident veteran who is 50% or more service-connected disabled. Information about the permit and the application are provided below.  
                                                                                     Thank you for your service!

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