Kids eXtreme Programs

Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails is committed to connecting children and nature. It is our goal to help youth and families learn about and enjoy the outdoors.

Mission Statement

Wyoming Kids eXtreme activities, programs and events encourage youth and families to experience, explore, and engage in Wyoming’s cultural and natural resources.


Junior Rangers and Junior Historian Programs

  • Our Junior Ranger and Junior Historian programs are designed to encourage children to actively learn and explore at the park, historic site, or museum they are visiting.
  • Activity booklets are created to stimulate the imagination while allowing participants the flexibility to complete the programs at their own pace.
  • Kids – share your answers with site staff and receive a prize! Happy learning!

Here are a few fun ideas that you can do at any of our parks or sites!

State Parks

  • eXamine a stream side rock and look for aquatic insects.
  • eXert on a hike (to a waterfall).
  • eXcellerate down a hill on your bike or on a sled in the snow.
  • eXpel a rock over water
  • eXpress your creativity-draw a picture in the sand-add rocks to make a pattern
  • eXplore the dam or for tracks in the mud (or snow)
  • eXperience your echo or pine needle tea
  • eXpend energy chasing your shadow
  • eXhale next to a campfire or eXtinguish a campfire
  • eXplode with enthusiasm!


Historic Sites

  • eXperience a picnic in the grass.
  • eXpress your creativity- create a dandelion or clover chain
  • eXpend energy following a butterfly or bee
  • eXpand your brain- learn the names of 5 people important to the site/area/era
  • eXamine an artifact- what was it used for, who owned it, what do we use today for the same purpose
  • eXperience, through your imagination, being on a wagon train or hiding in a wagon box or fighting in a battle or cooking on the open prairie
  • eXperiment with a mud pie
  • eXpel a myth about Wyoming’s history
  • eXplain to a friend something new you learned
  • eXplode with enthusiasm




WY Outside’s mission is to foster the minds, bodies, and spirits of youth and families by inspiring an appreciation for the outdoors through education, experience, and adventure. WY Outside generates collective impact for systemic change. In this way, more voices and perspectives contribute to the goal of getting children and youth outside to improve their health, have fun, build connections to nature, be inspired, and develop a sense of stewardship. WY Outside coalition members range from conservation and resource management agencies to recreation, non-formal education, arts, and health organizations. WY Outside is Wyoming’s Children & Nature Network affiliate.


The WY Outside Challenge is a hands-on, outdoor program that provides participants with an opportunity to complete a wide variety of outdoor activities. The scorecard contains WY Outside Challenge activities such as hiking, camping in a yurt, sleeping out under the stars, catching a fish, going snowshoeing and climbing a tree. Points are awarded for each activity and participants keep track of their own score, taking a photo of each completed challenge. Once 200 points are reached, participants receive prizes and are presented with certificates signed by Wyoming Governor, Matt Mead, and Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jillian Balow.