If you're looking for something a little different from your average RV camping experience, then our yurts might just be for you! Our yurts are large, round, circular tents which surround a permanent frame and are set on a permanent base. We have three total, which are availble for reservation. Yurts 2 and 3 both have a cement sidewalk access from an ADA accessible parking pad, along with a cement pad, on which is centered a picnic table and fire pit. Yurt 1 has a wooden porch, and its table and firepit are situated on the gravel behind the structure. Each yurt is equipped inside with a full-sized bunk bed, one twin bed, and another twin rollaway; the park does not provide bedding, so please bring your own, to suit the season. You will also find a dining table with seating for six, a skylight with a ceiling fan, two windows which help for summer ventilation, and a combination electrical heater and AC unit. Please be advised that the heater is designed to provide 20-25 degrees of temperature difference.

Our yurts provide an excellent opportunity for you to bring your family to Glendo, at almost any time of year! Situated in the woods on the back side of Two Moon Campground, they are mere steps from the scenic Two Moon trailhead, and are nicely sheltered from wind and the elements. During the summer, a yurt will provide you with a well-venitlated and air-conditioned space to beat the summer heat. During the spring and fall, you will find an insulated shelter which will help take the bite out of chilly days and nights. 



  • Located in Two Moon Campground. 

Yurts are available all year-around. Reservations may be made through the online reservation system or by calling our Call Center at 877-996-7275




Yurt reservations cost $50/night.

Daily Use and Overnight Camping fees apply

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